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About us

USCITS started its operation in DEC 2021 We are one of the fastest-growing partner repairs & IT services USCITS offers the best value for money on the market, with an unbeatable price/quality/service mix Our aim is to respond to our customer’s evolving reverse logistics – repair – engineering – and design needs with the utmost commitment to quality – integrity – time management – and professionalism.
We strive to earn your respect and loyalty by providing unparalleled service and support USCCITS delivers the highest quality products and services designed to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by focusing on continuous improvement at all levels of our organization.
Our management team constantly reviews business and operational data to improve quality – service – cost and time management, which translates into increased savings and more efficient throughput for our customers.
We are committed to meeting the tightest deadlines when standard or rush services are required – and we have the flexibility to tailor products and processes to fit our customer’s individual needs.

USCITS is committed to offering tremendous savings on computer products, and IT Services.
This site is your direct link on the Web to the hottest deals in the computer industry! We purchase manufacturer excess, overstock, and slightly obsolete inventories in HUGE quantities. This allows us to offer products to you at truly remarkable prices. In the past, we operated strictly at the dealer and corporate levels, but we’ve gone retail, bringing you the benefits and value traditionally available only to large volume commercial buyers.

We always welcome feedback from visitors the best way for us to meet your needs is to know specifically what you want, so please, drop us a line.
Low Prices, Great Deals!

Why pay more when you can pay less? That’s our motto. And let’s face it, everyone loves to find a bargain. It’s human nature. So, in response to human nature, USCITS offers not only The Low Prices Guarantee thousands of fun entertainment gadgets, but also some of the hottest deals you’ll find anywhere on items that you just can’t live without USCITS Solutions is a full-service IT development, networking, and maintenance company We entered the market at the leading edge of modern networking and complex computer systems and we’ve been there ever since.

Our team of trained and certified technicians, engineers, and customer service representatives all work together to ensure that your needs are looked after at every level, from design and implementation to training and maintenance.

Bigger Selection, Better Buying!
Do you want it? We’ve got it! In order to provide the most hassle-free shopping experience online, we are constantly working with our suppliers to add new products so you have plenty of options from which to choose. But sometimes having options just isn’t enough and that’s why we work with our distributors every day of the week to ensure that all the hottest products are in stock and available for shipping.

Customer Service!
It’s no surprise that USCITS has become the Internet destination of choice for over 100 customers. We know that the secret to running a successful business is keeping our customers happy. We set out to provide our customers with the kind of world-class service that keeps them coming back for more. But don’t take our word for it to check out what some of our satisfied shoppers have to say